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Volume 3 Issue 2

Table of Contents

Cover Page [PDF

Original Research  

Idamat AA, Alomari NY. (May 2014) MTA Antibiotic prophylaxis in vesicoureteric reflux in children. Jour of Med Sc & Tech; 3(2); Page No: 47 –50 [PDF

Hazra R, Gain U, Manjunatha SM, Manuar MB, Chakraborty S, Ghosh K, Biswas S. (May 2014) Attenuation of hemodynamic pressor response to endotracheal intubation by dexmedetomidine in elective cardiac surgery: A randomized control trial.Jour of Med Sc & Tech; 3(2); Page No: 51 –56 [PDF

Khader M, Issa AA et al., (May 2014) Are the electrolyte values of blood gas analyzer and a laboratory auto-analyzer comparable?. Jour of Med Sc & Tech; 3(2); Page No: 57 – 60 [PDF

Sudhakar B, Toshinwal P, Shah RM, Toshinwal S. (May 2014) Elevated serum ferritin and serum free iron – a novel marker for pre diabetes type 2 in relationship with HbA1C. Jour of Med Sc & Tech; 3(2); Page No: 61 – 66 [PDF

Kwangu M, Chileya S, Yassa P, Lambwe N, Sijumbila G. (May 2014) Glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency and its role in pathophysiology of essential hypertension. Jour of Med Sc & Tech; 3(2); Page No: 67 –74 [PDF]

Alkayleh R, Alnawaiseh S. (May 2014) First visit management of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo in the Royal Medical Services – Jordan Armed Services. Jour of Med Sc & Tech; 3(2); Page No: 75 –78 [PDF

Kumar DA, Priya VS, Jaiprabhu J, Ramalingam K. (May 2014) Serum copper and zinc levels significance in type 2 diabetic patients . Jour of Med Sc & Tech; 3(2); Page No: 79 – 81 [PDF

Meng CY, Esa E, Yacob AM, Ramachandran S, Zakaria Z. (May 2014) Screening for hemoglobinopathies among patients in a government hospital and health clinics in Perlis, Malaysia. Jour of Med Sc & Tech; 3(2); Page No: 82 –86 [PDF

Review Articles 

Ahmad J. (May 2014) Safe intramuscular and subcutaneous injections: A need for evidence based practice. Jour of Med Sc & Tech; 3(2); Page No: 87 – 90 [PDF

Venyo A K G. (May 2014) Amyloidosis of the mammary gland (the breast). Jour of Med Sc & Tech; 3(1); Page No: 91 –  104 [PDF

Case Report 

Sreevalsan A, Kavitha D, Subbaiah VN. (May 2014) Ovary – site of ova or of pregnancy. Jour of Med Sc & Tech; 3(2); Page No: 105 – 107 [PDF

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