Journal of Medical Science and Technology


Volume 6 Issue 1

Volume 6 Issue 1 - Table of Contents

Original Article 

1. Shawagfeh M, Melhem GAB, Jwad Khsawneh, Awida M, Haddad S. (March 2017). Chronic pain among older adults. Jour of Med Sc &Tech;6(1); Page No:1-7 [PDF]

2. Yekoye a, Zemene A, Dimtsu B, Weldemariam S, Asefa H,Minlekalew Z. (March 2017). Self reported cheating during examinations andassociated factors among undergraduate students of Mekelle university. Jour of Med Sc & Tech;6(1); Page No:8–13. [PDF]

3. Kriahnan TV, Arun T, Sandeep K, Jahnavi M. (March 2017). Juvenile Parkinsonism with mental retardation. Jour of Med Sc &Tech;6(1); Page No:14–17. [PDF]

4. Kumari RA, Kumar AN. (March 2017)The basic science and hype of epigenetics. Jour of Med Sc & Tech;6(1); Page No:18–26. [PDF]

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