Journal of Medical Science and Technology


Volume 1 Issue 1 January 2012


List of Committee Members [PDF]




  • Tips On How to Write Editorial Articles
Dr N Mallikarjuna Rao, Editor in Chief [ FULL TEXT PDF 


Original Research


  • Retinopathy in Diabetes Mellitus is it due to glycosylation or lipid peroxidation?

  Y V Rama Krishna Reddy, PhD scholar in Biochemistry [FULL TEXT PDF ]

  •  Reference Intervals for Serum Creatinine in Nepal

  Sushil Kumar, Biochemistry [ FULL TEXT PDF ]

Review Articles

  • Apoptosis Inactivation As Cause For Cancer

  Robby Kumar, Biochemistry, [FULL TEXT PDF ]

  •  Subclinical Hypothyroidism: Review of Concepts and Controversies

  Amar Nagesh Kumar, Biochemistry [FULL TEXT PDF ]

Case Reports

  • Uterine Mullerian Adenosarcoma With Sarcomatous Over Growth Showing Rhabdo Myoblastic Differentiation In a Post Menopausal Patient - A Rare Interesting Case Report.
Anuradha S, Pathology [ FULL TEXT PDF ]
  •  Myocardial Bridges Over Interventricular Branches of Coronary Arteries

  Swayam Jothi Dorai Raj, Anatomy [FULL TEXT PDF ]

  • Peritoneal Nodules, A Rare Presentation of Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor - A case Report

  Ajay Chandrashekar, Surgery [FULL TEXT PDF ]

 Letter to The Editor

  • Implementation of Brc - Global Standard Food In Export Oriented Food processing Units

   Raviteja Mandapaka, Clinical Nutrition [FULL TEXT PDF ]

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